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How is the 10 x 10 performed?

The German volume training consists of a routine of four weeks duration (this is important: it is an intense training that should not last more than that time) in which we focus on basic exercises in which we will work with 10 sets of 10 repetitions . The training cycles are five days, that is: Monday (day 1), Tuesday (day 2), Wednesday (rest), Thursday (day 3), Friday (rest).

The most important points that we must take into account in the 10 x 10 training are:

The cadence of the repetitions: in long-distance exercises (large muscles) we will use a cadence 4-0-2 (four seconds for the eccentric or negative phase, we do not perform any pause at the end of the course, and two seconds for the concentric phase or positive). In the exercises of short route or for small muscles, the cadence will be of 2-0-2, and we will realize them in biserie (exercise 1 + exercise 2 + longer rest).

The breaks between series: they should never exceed 90 seconds of duration in the basic exercises, nor the 60 seconds in the biseries of accessory exercises.

The weight to use: we will work with 60% of our 1RM (do you know how it is calculated? You can see it in this post). It may seem low weight at first, but think that we only have one minute of rest and that we must complete 10 series: when you reach the last you will know in your own flesh why you should not work with more weight. If you can complete the 10 series with 60%, you have to raise the weight around 4%.

How effective is a 10 x 10 routine?

As we have said, the German volume training includes basic exercises (10 x 10) and some accessories (3 x 10). The exercises are done in biseries, that is: 10 x (A1 + rest + A2 + rest) and 10 x (B1 + rest + B2 + rest). You’ll start seeing and feeling results as soon as a couple of weeks time.

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